Colton Haynes Reveals 'Teen Wolf' Diet

June 29, 2013

Colton Haynes spends a lot of time shirtless on his show Teen Wolf, which means the actor makes sure his body is in tip-top shape before he begins shooting a half naked scene. Haynes big secret isn't steamed veggies or lean meats. Instead, the actor says candy is what helps him look buff on Teen Wolf

"The trick is after a work out you're supposed to have gummy bears or some candy to get your veins to stick out," Haynes said. "Of course it's all about protein too but right before you're filming a shirtless scene you have a little bit of sugar to pop the veins." 

Of his favorite sweets, Haynes says, "I love every type of candy. I love Skittles and Reeses. I love it all." 

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