Infographic: How to Choose the Right Wedding Caterer

April 1, 2013

Choosing the right caterer for your wedding is a tough decision that can really make or break your reception. The folks over at Home Gurr'own Caterers, UK put together the below infographic to help brides choose the caterer that will tie their whole wedding together. 

First, you need to figure out how much money you have to spend on your wedding, and how much of that can be allocated to the food. Then, you have to think about the theme for your wedding. Are you going vintage? Country? Black-tie? The food should fit in with whatever theme you have chosen. 

Then, it's time to actually choose a caterer. Does the company use fresh or frozen ingredients? Where do they prepare the food? How is their presentation? Is alcohol included or do you need to find a different company to provide drinks? 

And don't forget about things like invoicing, payment schedule, and the post-wedding charges. Make sure you know everything up front so there aren't any secret charges. 

Learn more about choosing a wedding caterer in the infographic below! 

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Glad you liked the infographic. :)

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I really like this infographic. It is very creative but at the same time, informative. I wish my caterer ( could also produce something like this. Anyway, thank you for this helpful post.