How-To Video: Easy Steakhouse-style Pepper Steaks at Home

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March 1, 2013

Pepper steak or Steak au Poivre is a classic preparation found in steakhouses. Learn how easily you can make this delicious creamy green peppercorn steak recipe in less than 30 minutes at home.

So what I’m going to cook now is peppered steak the way I like it, which is with Worcestershire sauce, cream, chicken stock cubes in the sauce, green peppercorns. And I’ve selected two steaks from the supermarket, again mature steaks.  And as always I’ll make my paste and my seasoning.  So, with the beef, we’ll use the beef cube, a tiny bit of olive oil in there to make that paste, so approximately half a cube a steak, just mix that in. And so what we’re going to do is we’re going to seal the steaks so they’re pink, medium rare. I was taught years ago to season steaks with salt and pepper and one day, my fascination for stock cubes, I thought, let’s make a paste, and that’s what I did, I made a paste, I tried it, I seasoned one steak with salt and pepper and one steak with the seasoning paste. And the seasoning paste works better every time.  So we need a very hot pan to create that caramelization because it’s not a thick steak so if we don’t have the heat in the pan what actually happens is it just loses heat, the steak boils, you don’t get that nice caramelization that you were fairly getting.

So what we’re going to do is seal the steaks, caramelize them, seal them, on the plate, pour in the Worcestershire sauce, reduce it down a little bit and add the cream, stock cube, bring it to the boil, get that texture that we want, in with some peppercorns, back in with the steaks and there we are. This is more a traditional steak au poivre in the sense that it’s hot, it’s spicy and it’s a cream based sauce. Again, this was developed at home. I love a peppered steak, go home, Saturday night, me and the wife, peppered steak, deglazed with some Worcestershire sauce, a bit of cream and it’s delicious. But I’m going to have to season that season sauce with chicken stock cube.  And I mostly use for two I mostly use half a cube. It’s amazing how much cube you can use if you’ve got the confidence. Most people just put one cube in a big pot, it’s never enough but by tasting constantly you actually think actually it needs a little bit more, it hasn’t got enough oomph.

Pepper Steaks

For the steaks:
2  1/2-pound sirloin beef steaks
1 Knorr Beef Stock Cube
1 tsp olive oil
For the sauce:
1/3 cup Worcestershire sauce
1/3 cup heavy cream
½ Knorr Chicken Stock Cube
10-20 green peppercorns

Click here for the instructions.

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