Ryan Lochte Gets His Own Hot Dog Combo

February 12, 2013

Pink's Hot Dogs in Los Angeles has created a combo in honor of Olympic winner Ryan Lochte. 

"The 'Ryan Lochte' hot dog combo features two of the restaurant's stretch hot dogs, topped with mustard, chili, French Fries and nacho cheese, served with a side of 'Olympian Champion' onion rings," a source said.

Lochte has given Pink's his support, saying the combo is perfect for a guy like him.

"I've got to hand it to Pink's, they're dead on with this combo," he said. "I eat constantly, so the fact that it's not just one hot dog is awesome (seriously, I could eat five). And I guess the onion rings are supposed to represent the Olympic rings, which is cool. All that for eight bucks, COME ON!" 

Would you eat the Ryan Lochte combo at Pink's Hot Dogs? 

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