Lisa Marie Presley Spent a Day Working on a British Food Truck

October 1, 2012

Lisa Marie Presley moved to England with her family in 2010 and fully embraced the English lifestyle, including their love of fish and chips. Presley was so intrigued, she spent a day working at her favorite food truck, serving unsuspecting patrons meals of fish and chips. 

Kim Scales is the owner of the food truck, Mr. Chippy, as well as The King's Arms, a pub Presley often visits. 

"We own the pub and a mobile fish and chip van, but she said she'd never heard of anything like it, and she said she wanted to work on it," Scales said. "She got on there with her son, but we were all laughing because not one of the locals realized who it was. She served one local double fishcake and chips and he didn't have a clue that it was Elvis Presley's daughter."

Scales admits, however, that Presely wasn't the best of employees. "She got the fish all upside down and was totally cack-handed," she joked. 


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