Midwestern Comfort Food Keeps Hugh Hefner Feeling Young

May 27, 2012

Hugh Hefner might have 12 chefs at his beck and call, but the 86-year-old sticks to eating basically the same foods every day, mostly consisting of Midwestern comfort food. 

Hefner's daily favorites include fried chicken, pot roast, lamb chops and mashed potatoes. The Playboy founder also indulges in sweet treats like oatmeal raisin cookies, pies and cakes. 

To counteract his not-so-healthy diet, Hefner controls his portions and sticks to a strict eating schedule. Hef eats breakfast at 11:30 am and eats a jelly donut with half a grapefruit. His lunch, at 5:30 pm, consists of soup and crackers. At 10:30 pm, Hefner eats a dinner consisting of lamp chops, pot roast, or fried chicken strips with a side of potatoes or another starch. 

"Even though I'm not a licensed nutritionist, I use my culinary tricks to get the amount of sodium under control while still giving him the desired flavor," said William Bloxsom-Carter, the executive chef of Playboy Enterprises. "You can trick the palate with acidity or vinegar in place of salt." Bloxsom-Cater added that Hefner has a choice of 31 meals to choose from that he can request from the kitchen staff any time of the day. 

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