Op Ed: Why Do We Even Need Vending Machines In Schools?

February 24, 2012

Sometimes I just don't understand. Why do we even need vending machines in schools? How is this even possible? 

Disclaimer: I homeschool my 5 kids, so we don't have access to a vending machine in our home. It's true! My poor unsocialized children can not buy a Mountain Dew, whenever they feel the need for speed.

Let's just say, hypothetically, that they did go to school.Imagine what it would be like. They are thirsty between classes, and somehow have money in their pocket (my money). They need a drink and may be a snack. If my calculations are correct, this is at least $3.00, more like $4.00. For a snack? Really? 

What does a vending machine offer to our kids? Take a look:

  1. Overpriced snacking - We are not all granola and wheatgrass at our house, but for the cost of one soda and a mini cookie, I can buy an entire bag of chips, in the family size. Even Kool aid is 10 cents a pack , that can make 2 quarts. (See? I don't hate sugar, just weird laboratory sweeteners that mess up my kid's brain)
  2. Garbage - Let's face it: they can call it all sorts of code words like natural and organic and healthy, low-fat, high fiber, but if it lives inside a plastic wrapper in a metal box, it is still garbage. 
  3. Sugar, sugar and more sugar - What is the point? If you child is hungry or thirsty, what benefit does HFCS, mixed with food coloring and bubbles have? 

I totally agree and appreciate the rant over at Gawker (warning, not work-friendly language), saying the same thing; What the heck are vending machines doing in schools in the first place? Get the vending machines out of the schools, clean up the water fountains and call it good. 

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