Jessica Perez Shares Daily Food Diary

February 17, 2012

Jessica Perez is one of the 18 women featured in this year's Swimsuit Issue of Sports Illustrated. At 24-years-old, Perez is still a newcomer on the modeling scene but continues to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Perez kept a diary of the days leading up to her Sports Illustrated shoot and has decided to share it with the world. 

"Modeling is such a physically demanding job, and a lot of girls end up passing out form 'exhaustion," Perez said. "I'm thinking, ugh, she just needs to eat!" 

Check out excerpts from Perez's food diary in the pages below! 

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Naomi Most's picture

Somebody should let this chica know she's got it totally backwards: she'd have an easier time staying trim if she ate carbs at night and skipped breakfast (or just ate fat and protein instead).

She could also use a bit more muscle, IMHO... the skinny-fat thing ain't that pretty.