Nine Bankers Spend £71,000 on Christmas Party

December 15, 2011

Nine London bankers certainly had one unforgettable Christmas party. Between the nine of them, they racked up an unbelievable £61,000 tab and added a tip of £10,000 for the waitress. 

The bankers partied at a place called the Rose Club in downtown London. Among the items ordered: 24 six-liter bottles of Ciroc Ultra Premium vodka (£44,400) and six bottles of Dom Perignon (£7,200). At one point, an unnamed banker threw £50 notes in the air and watched as "pretty girls" scrambled to pick them up. 

"I suppose generous doesn't quite cover it. The customer, who is one of our regulars, just wanted to give his team an unforgettable Christmas party," a club spokesman told the Daily Mail. 


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