Two discoveries-Spicebox Rye Whisky and Whiskey Disks- By: Warren Bobrow-Cocktail Whisperer

November 17, 2011

I would never advocate putting a Baccarat crystal glass on top of a burning woodstove.  Or a filled bottle of 80 proof Rye Whisky.  I don't even like getting too close to a 600 degree stove- But it seemed to be a good place to photograph the bottle and my drink.  No, the stove wasn't burning, so worry not!

Yesterday I received a nice little professional courtesy package (Thank you!) from Hammerstone's Whiskey Disks.  What arrived in the mail contained four Soapstone disks.  Smooth and soft to the touch- I didn't worry about putting them in a Baccarat Harmonie crystal glass- along with a healthy portion of Spicebox Canadian Spiced Whisky.  (editor note: they spell Whisky without the "e" in Canada)

I froze the round on the sides, flat on the top soapstone disks for a few hours, place one in the crystal glass and poured the slightly thick, aromatic Rye Whisky over the frozen, flat surface of the stone.  The aromatics of the Whisky immediately filled the room.  8:50 in the morning and I'm craving a cocktail!  Is that good?

Spicebox Canadian Spiced Whisky is a lovely product. Aged three years to quiet down the raucous elements of the liquor- It reminds me in many ways of Spiced Rum.  The first time I tasted Spiced Rum, I was on the island of Saba in the Caribbean. That night we were enjoying a simple cocktail at dinner.  I asked the waitress what it was.  She said the house punch.  Made with Saba Spice Rum.  Saba Spice?  "Yes, Saba Spice, unavailable anyplace in the world other than Saba."   I paused my brain for a while and sipped the Spiced Rum.  Spicy, dreamy, dense, thick on the tongue.  Filled with exotic spices and local roots.  My palate never forgot this salubrous slurp of tropical pleasure.  Although this liquor is Whisky and the Saba Spice- Rum, the aroma was an immediate wake-up to my brain and I was plunged back into the early 90's on the island of Saba.  A lovely place to be in the universe!


When I opened the bottle of Spicebox the other day, what greated me was a pleasure-trip for nasal passages... The scent immediately was geared right into my brain.  A time-capsule if you will...

Sure, Spicebox has added caramel color and I usually make mention of this because the addition of caramel makes the color of the liquor more uniform in the glass.  (editor note I like liquor to be in the natural state, usually without added color or extra sugar.) If the liquor or wine it has stuff in it, all the better!  The flavor of this unique Whisky tastes round, fat and oily.  The spices are subtle- each sip offers the careful drinker a satisfying, lip-smacking drink.

Spicebox is different in every way from the multitudes of brown liquors on the market.  Spiced Whisky?  Sure!  I say try it in a Hot Chai Tea Toddy with a pat of sweet butter, finished with fresh nutmeg like they do in the islands!

Twenty minutes into the testing of the Whiskey Stones (they spell it with an e) and the liquor is still cool to the touch.  My liquor has not been made weaker by melting ice.  Eighty proof is still eighty proof.  The stone sticks to the bottom of my glass.  The room is filled with the aromatics of the Whisky.  There is peace in the house. Peace in my glass.  Relaxation is at hand. 

Cheers!  wb

Spicebox Hot Toddy Surprise (makes two deeply warming drinks)


4 shots Spicebox Canadian Spiced Whisky

3/4 cup of Chai Spiced Tea- your choice

Pat of sweet butter (1 each)

Freshly grated nutmeg


Pre-heat a mug with boiling water.  Start making your Chai either with black tea and your choice of East Asian spices or buy a pre-made mix

Pour out boiling water and add two shots to each pre-heated mug

Add Chai Tea

Top with sweet butter

Grate some fresh nutmeg over the top (essential!)


This would make a fabulous dessert drink for Thanksgiving!!!