10 Must Try Chicken Recipes

November 1, 2011

Nearly every week we roast a chicken, then I make stock out of the bones for later use - like in my Chicken and Buttermilk Herb Dumplings dish. The leftover meat from a simple roast chicken also comes in handy when making Chinese Chicken Lettuce Cups, a comforting Chicken Shepherd's Pie, or tossed in a Light and Chunky Chicken Soup. Check out some more of my favorite chicken recipes below.

Happy Autumn!

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Indian Butter Chicken  Indian Butter Chicken
  Photo: Julie M.





Chicken Pot Pie Pockets   Chicken Pot Pie Pockets
   Photo: jbrons





Chicken Shepherd's Pie  Chicken Shepherd's Pie
  Photo: Stevendepolo





roasted chicken  Roasted Chicken With Honey Mustard Glaze
  Photo: vauvau





Chicken Cordon Bleu  Chicken Cordon Bleu
  Photo: TheCulinaryGeek





Vietnamese Chicken and Glass Noodle Soup  Vietnamese Chicken and Glass Noodle Soup
  Photo: The Culinary Chronicles





Chicken and Buttermilk Herb Dumplings  Chicken and Buttermilk Herb Dumplings
  Photo: Mike Willis





Light and Chunky Chicken Soup  Light and Chunky Chicken Soup
  Photo: The Purple Calabash





Chinese Chicken Lettuce Wraps  Chinese Chicken Lettuce Cups
  Photo: Little Blue Hen





creamy garlic chicken and penne  Chicken and Penne in Creamy Garlic Sauce
  Photo: Jerine