Gluten Free Fish and Chips

September 30, 2011

Classic pub fare, fish and chips are one of the most popular take-away foods in the United Kingdom. Fish filets are battered, fried and served on a bed of chips (french fries), and available everywhere from stadiums and arenas to pubs and mobile stands. The first fish and chip shop opened in London in 1860 and it has been love ever since; as the British empire spread, so has a cultivated love for this golden-fried meal. Now, beer battered fish and chips aren't usually on the gluten free menu - with so many problem ingredients, sometimes it seems like this deep fried entree will be on the no-no list forever. For anyone else craving a colonial meal, here are 3 must-try recipes for this seafood favorite!

Beer Battered Halibut & Chips
My favorite combination! 

Beer Battered Fish & Healthier Chips
This super simple recipe for fish fried tilapia and sweet potato chips makes for a healthier version!

Fish & Chips with Homemade Tartar Sauce
A revamped version of classic Cod & Chips, including a delicious tartar sauce recipe!

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