State Refuses to Issue Tofu Themed Vanity Plates

September 18, 2011

A minor controversy is brewing after the state of Tennessee refused to issue a woman license plates that said "ILVTOFU." Whitney Calk wanted to tell the world "I love tofu" but licensing officials apparently felt the plate would have suggested something more vulgar. 

"I thought that changing my license plate to read 'I LV TOFU' would be a great way to inspire people to try tofu, veggie burgers, and other vegan options. I've experienced so many benefits from being a vegan that I wanted to make others aware of those benefits, and a vanity plate is a great way to share the message," Calk said. 

The state did not agree. Similar requests have been turned down Florida, Colorado, and Virginia. Apparently potential vanity plates are checked using Urban Dictionary

What do you think? Is the state's decision appropriate? 

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Tofu Mom's picture

They wouldn't accept my request for TOFUMOM either (here in Washington State). Sadness...

Carley@Chef&theAcademic's picture

Wouldn't that read "I love to F. U."?
Not sure about why "Tofu Mom" wouldn't be accepted though...