Awesome Slow Food 5$ Meals

September 18, 2011

Yesterday was the 5$ challenge from Slow Food USA. Gather with family and friends and serve healthy and delicious "value meals" which cost no more than 5$ a person. I hope that this array of healthy and delicious recipes will inspire people, and help them realize that you do not need to break the bank to feed your family nourishing meals.

San Francisco
These foodies chose to have a picnic at Mission Dolores Park in the city by the bay. They dined on arugula salad with beans, feta, and heirloom tomatoes. They also enjoyed some fancy cucumber sandwiches.

The Harvest Hills Farm chose to make a Tuscan inspired chemical-free beef roast in the crock pot. That's slow cooking at it's finest.

These Slow Fooders not only made pasture raised chicken, fresh Brussels sprouts, and salad, but they did it in only 15 minutes.

North Carolina
This organic Caribbean black bean and sweet potato soup came in at only $1.68 per serving.

An Asian inspired feast of kimchi, rice, and poached egg left room for some decadent dark chocolate for dessert.

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Polish Mama on the Prairie's picture

$5 per person in a meal is ridiculously expensive and out of reach for the average American household. I get the point trying to be made by Slow Food but that amount is unreasonably high.

Michelle Rogerson's picture

Thanks for the round up! I think this campaign got a lot of people thinking! Healthy food is affordable, and it's fun to cook and tastes amazing!