Low Carb Living: Eggs On The Run

September 11, 2011

Eating Low Carb and finding the time for a great breakfast can be a challenge! On weekday mornings as you are juggling the multiple tasks that need to be done, the last thing you may do is take the time to start your day off with protein. So start the day off right: here are 5 make ahead and freeze items that will send you on your way with a smile on your face. Select high quality cheese for these recipes-you deserve it!

Note: Many recipes instruct you to grind up almonds in a food processer but it is preferable to buy blanched almond flour for consistency in texture and moisture. JK’s Gourmet Almond Flour (also on Amazon) and Lucy’s Kitchen Shop sell superb almond flours. The price may seem high but you use so little almond flour in recipes that it does last a long time. Keep the flour in the freezer and store 2 cups or so in a mason jar –or similar- in the refrigerator.

Sausage, Mushrooms and Feta with Eggs
Kalyn uses low fat sausage but don’t feel this is a must–use your favorite sausage and enjoy!

Spinach Frittata
All leftover vegetables make a great frittata this is one of my favorites. Please note the recipes says “serves 4”  but I easily  divide this into 6 generous servings. 

Chive Ricotta Frittata
I love this recipe! With only 3 ingredients, this is simplicity at its best.

Scrambled Egg Muffins
Make up a batch or two on the weekends and freeze 2  muffins to a baggie for a quick, wholesome 2 egg breakfast.

Cottage Cheese Muffins
The original recipe calls for soy flour –which is also low carb -instead of wheat flour or increase the almond flour* by a  ¼ cup. Have fun with this recipe switch out the dried tomatoes with sausage bits or bacon or perhaps roasted garlic and pesto.

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Magnolia 75: The Baking Lounge's picture

I know what you mean trying to find the healthy breakfast food is hard let alone even harder to keep it new without getting bored of the staple items like oatmeal. Thanx so much for posting these definitely will try