Vanessa Williams Shares her Greek Diet

August 28, 2011

Vanessa Williams has spent a lot of time in Greece and has adopted well to the country's cuisine. In fact, Williams has managed to find a very healthy Grecian diet. 

For breakfast, Williams would have a cup of herbal tea and a cup of mango juice with scrambled eggs, yogurt and fruit. Her lunch consisted of prosciutto wrapped in cheese and small cherry tomatoes. For dinner, she would have saganaki (hot cheese) with salad, fries, grilled chicken, beef, and eggplant, topped off with yogurt dressing. 

The actress also makes sure to get lots of exercise with yoga, weight training, Tae Bo, bike riding, and even a little Salsa dancing. 

While Williams manages a healthy lifestyle, she said she doesn't obsess about her weight like many of her celebrity peers are known to do. 

"My motto is to live and be prepared to work hard. It works with diet, exercise and our chosen professions."

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