White House Produces Record Honey Crop

August 27, 2011

In 2009, First Lady Michelle Obama said she wanted to create her own vegetable garden and honey bees at the White House. People were skeptical at first but the White House honey bees are proving everyone wrong with their record-breaking honey crop. 

Set on the South Lawn on the White House grounds, the bee hives have produced more than 225 pounds of honey this year, which is almost double from the year before.

"It's just craziness," says White House carpenter and bee keeper Charlie Brandts. "They did really well this year."



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Anonymous's picture

And what are they doing with the honey??? If she is doing all this nutrition and planting healthy vegetables and teaching kiddies how to eat healthy - I certainly hope she is giving the honey away to them - - DO NOT MAKE A BUCK ON THIS THAT IS ALL I GOT TO SAY

Sylvie Paquette's picture

I have to say, I'm so disappointed that the first comment on this amazing story is a negative one. It's such a shame to create a negative around such a positive story. Congratulations to Michelle Obama and the white house on their impressive crop, and for highlighting the importance of bees by having them raised for the first time ever in the White House.