Celiac Saturday: Tasty Thai Curries

August 27, 2011

Thai cooking has many virtues: in addition to being often naturally gluten free, dairy free and on the whole it's quick and easy! Red, green and yellow curries can be made from scratch or using a storebought paste (Thai Kitchen brand is gluten free!), add coconut milk, vegetables and chicken (or tofu, pork, shrimp, beef!) and voila! An instantly delicious dinner served over steamed jasmine rice, rice noodles or on its own. So sharpen your knives, ladies and gentlemen, and let's rock out with our woks out.

Thai-Style Steamed Clams
Including classic flavors of lemongrass, chiles and lime for a fantastic summer entree.

Grilled Thai Coriander Chicken
This super quick and easy recipe includes a quick and easy Thai green salad recipe, too

Thai Green Chicken Curry
A timeless classic with fresh, seasonal veggies and my favorite ever, baby corn.

Simple Pork Thai Curry
A simple curry recipe that includes fresh chiles and coconut milk.

Thai Vegetable Soup
A tasty vegan recipe for an unbelievably delicious dish.

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