5 Most Unusual Cherry Recipes

July 26, 2011

When you think of cherries, what comes to mind? Pies, tarts, bowls filled with pits and stems -- well no more! Here are five wonderfully weird (and delicious!) recipes for fresh summer cherries.

All of these recipes are gluten free!

Grilled Cherry Salsa
"Sweet meets heat" in this fabulously spicy condiment.

Grilled Chocolate Cherry Ricotta Tarts
Sweet, creamy, chocolate and charred? You bet! (Gluten free version, too!)

Goat Cheese, Cherry & Arugula Panini
Tangy, sweet, bitter and tasty - perfect for lunch. 

Mulled Wine and Cherry Sauce
Spicy and decadent, the perfect ice cream topping or grilling glaze for pork or poultry.

Cold Cherry Soup
With yogurt and red wine, this gorgeous magenta soup is ideal for summer.

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