Molson Coors Produces Bloat-Resistant Animee Beer for Women

July 19, 2011

Molson Coors is hoping to appeal to the fickle female market in the U.K. this fall when it launches the bloat-resistant Animee beer. Just 17 percent of women drink beer in Britain, and the beer company says that it "aims to dispel the perception among women that all beers look and taste the same and that there is nothing to tell them apart."

To achieve that goal, Molson Coors is releasing Animee beer in three flavors: lemon, rose and clear filtered. As a whole, the "light sparkling" beer won't make women bloat as other brands might. The Animee beer launch will be propelled by a £2 million ad campaign.

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shoshanna levy's picture

Well, unless they are making yeast and gluten free beer it's still gonna cause bloating!