Anyone Else Annoyed by Chick-fil-A's Cow Appreciation Promotion?

July 8, 2011

We've heard it all before. Puppies, babies and free food. Those are the only guaranteed marketing slam dunks left in this topsy-turvy world. So when Chick-fil-A's team came up with the promotion, running today, whereupon anyone dressed as a cow gets a free sandwich, we can be certain, high-fives were exchanged all around. But it stinks, and here's why.

The economy is terrible and it's hitting everyone from Real Housewives to Work-a-Day Joe's like you and me where it hurts most, our plates. So for Chick-fil-A to expect people to humiliate themselves for a over-processed piece of chicken on a moist bun topped with three, sad pickles takes some real chutzpah. 

If they want to give free sammys, cool. Give them to a shelter or hand them out to working folk on the way to buy lunch. Throw them out of an airplane, for goodness sakes!

Anyone else? Take a look at the promotional video and judge for yourself. Maybe it just requires more of a sense of humor. 


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