Introducing a 1160 Calorie Burger

April 15, 2011

Burger King released a 1160 calorie burger, called the Meat Monster, in Japan for a pricey $9.79. The huge burger contains a chicken breast, two hamburger patties, cheese, 3 helpings of bacon, and all the trimmings between two buns. Eating one of these burgers will account for more than half of your recommended daily calorie intake and put you over the limit for sodium.

Just one burger contains an unbelieable 24g of saturated fat, 13g of sugar, 2290mg sodium and 1.5g of trans fat. A healthy American male adult should eat 2500 calories and a woman should eat around 2000 calories. That means one Meat Monster would give you more than half of what you should be eating during the day. Should anyone concevably want to, Burger King will allow customers to add teriyaki sauce, an egg and even a fish patty to the Meat Monster.

Unfortunately, this is nowhere near the highest calorie item introduced by major fast food chains in the past year. Stayed tuned for a roundup of the even larger offerings. As of now, Burger King has no plans to bring the Meat Monster to the United States. You can see a picture of the new burger creation above.

Photo by SlashFood