Micro Farming With Pop Bottles

August 22, 2011

This is an amazing way to recycle pop bottles and grow fresh vegetables in a tiny space. Check out the website with fantastic photos and a pretty clear explanation (after translating from Portuguese). I love the vertical gardening trend that has been building. You often see garden designers create elaborate vertical gardens in business venues, but not as often in the home environment. Schools could grow their own fresh greens, making it part of science studies and the kids would benefit in two ways. 

This idea of using pop bottles is perfect for everyone with a sunny space. The idea is especially suited for fresh greens. They grow quickly, and require very little, other than moisture and sunlight. 

How To Create A Pop Bottle Garden

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Monica Robledo's picture

I adore this! I could make this work on my small apartment patio :D

Jen's picture

What a great idea! I'm thinking of creating a vertical garden in my sun-filled kitchen in rainy Patagonia.

Leeann's picture

Can anyone provide the English translation or tell us how to do it? The diagrams help, but instructions would be good too. Mostly wonder if you need to put in drainage holes.

Beth's picture

Try using http://translate.reference.com to translate. I recommend copy and pasting rather than typing it all. I hope it helps.

rachel's picture

Do you think this is safe? What about harmful chemicals leaking into the soil from the plastic?!