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September 11, 2011
An Adult Milkshake. Yesss Please! Easy and amazing!
September 10, 2011
For a period of time, I was in a smoothie phrase and I’d crave for a yoghurt shake after lunch each day. At the fruit juice stalls near my office, the mangoes always look soooo succulent and tantalising, so I often ended up ordering mango yoghurt smoothie at 35 baht a pop.
September 9, 2011
With summer continuing to grace us with scorching days, we looked to our flourishing pots of mint for cocktail inspiration. It was high time to tried some icy and refreshing mint juleps.
September 8, 2011
I’m not sure I’ve mentioned this before, but I worked at a cozy college bar called “The Library” for a couple of years. It’s a small bar with a large, shaded patio—the perfect place to go for good conversation and cheap drinks. While I was working there, I learned which beers I liked amongst our 32 taps and developed a taste for olives and bloody Marys.
September 7, 2011
Here's a healthy routine that is recommended for daily drinking. I've began doing this recently after hearing a homeopath doctor preach the benefits on a talk show. Squeezing a lemon in water every morning, that can't be too difficult, right? Lemons have come down in price a lot recently, so one thing to do is add 7 extra lemons to your grocery list so you have a lemon a day and you're set to go for the week. If you want to do half a lemon that's fine too, I can't see why not!
September 6, 2011
Autumn cannot officially arrive soon enough. I love fall. Without question, my favorite season of all. The crisp, cool, air, the warm sweaters, the fallen leaves, gorgeous orange pumpkins and warm, steamy cups of lattes and hot chocolates. What isn't to love?
September 5, 2011
So for today I have this very simple smoothie that I made for snack time the other day. If you have frozen bananas this is a snap to make. I have been storing my over-ripe bananas in the freezer, so they can be used in some way or the other rather than throwing them out.
September 4, 2011
Orange juice, sweet green grapes, a banana and a handful of spinach combine to make this the easiest (and possibly the tastiest) green smoothie I make. If you are new to green smoothies, this is an excellent place to start. This was the first green smoothie that I tried and I have loved it from the start.
September 3, 2011
Summer vacation may be over for those of you whose schedules revolve around the school-year, but the Summer heat is definitely sticking around for a bit longer. My poor hometown of Austin is still seeing temperatures well above 100 degrees, close to 110 yesterday to be exact. Sounds like the perfect time to share my favorite way to cool off on a hot Summer day: with a refreshing sparkling limeade.
September 2, 2011
This melon smoothie is so light and fresh, and great for a post-workout snack. The honeydew melon and garden cucumbers just scream “summer” to me. I can almost feel fall creeping up on us, and in my attempt to enjoy the tastes of summer for as long as possible, I bring you my green melon summer smoothie!
September 1, 2011
In Italy, basil symbolizes love, and l can tell you my family has a love affair with this beautiful herb. In the summer we grow so much basil, we usually have to give it away. Shake up your summer BBQ with my Basil, Peach and Raspberry Sangria. The fresh taste of basil goes so well with the peach and raspberries that it’s a guaranteed crowd pleaser.
August 31, 2011
Alright, this post is for the kids, the sad poor little kids who have to be forced back into little uniforms, or stiff uncomfortable desks, while grumpy teachers stare at them disapprovingly....I loved school. I really did. Elementary, junior high, high school, college, grad school, you name it, I loved it. Why? That's where my friends were! I saw school as seven hours a day where I got to see my friends. The classes and homework were just a side-note...during which I passed notes.
August 30, 2011
Beautiful and refreshing. Invite this elegant summer cocktail into your weekend. Go one step (or a short drive further) and you and your friends can even pick-your-own berries.
August 29, 2011
Micheladas are one controversial Mexican drink. First let me explain what a Michelada is, it is a Mexican ice cold mixed beer drink or cocktail if you will.
August 28, 2011
If I had a signature drink, it would be beer. But since that doesn’t really qualify as a cocktail, I’m totally adopting the Shandy. It’s like an alcoholic Arnold Palmer. Half beer, half lemonade—and 100 percent refreshing. It really is the perfect summer drink.
August 27, 2011
Every weekend, for the past few weeks, I’ve come home with peaches…and pluots…and apricots. But then I get all crazy and eat them while watching youtube videos for a few hours straight. It’s a private Sunday morning thing I got going on. Totally not interesting.
August 26, 2011
About a month ago (wow, time flies!), I wrote a guest post for my friend, Shellina, over at The Frugal Flambe. Now, that same pitcher of Thai tea I made for the post is definitely gone, and I’ve been craving it for, oh, about a month. Not to mention that within this time frame Shellina and her family have gained a new addition to their family! Their new little bundle of joy, Abigail, is so beautiful! Congratulations, Shellina!
August 25, 2011
If you got some Nutella hanging around in your pantry. Add a few ingredients to your blender along with some Nutella and give this smoothie a try. If you do, let me know what you think of it!
August 24, 2011
This is my first – of hopefully many more – green smoothie recipes. It’s great for beginners as it only involves a few ingredients…..mangoes, parsley, water and ice. Make sure your mangoes are very sweet and ripe, otherwise the taste will be bitter and sour. If your mangoes aren’t ripe enough, place them in a brown paper bag the night before you use them. For extra sweetness, add one or two dates into the mix.
August 23, 2011
This Sparkling Strawberry Mint Limeade is a refreshing, family- and party- friendly drink to get you through hot summer days. Fresh ingredients and some bubble from the club soda make an ultra-cooling and delicious treat. Looking for something boozy instead? Add a shot of vodka or rum and you're set.
August 22, 2011
I was lost. On my way home from the market in Venice with my string bag full of purple radicchio, fresh walnuts, a bag of Arborio rice and a wedge of Parmesan wrapped in brown paper and tied with string. So I wasn’t going to starve. But I was lost.
August 21, 2011
Have you ever seen fresh berries such as strawberries or blueberries on sale at a ridiculously low price but passed on buying them because the quantity was too large? Or maybe you bought too many berries and just weren’t using them up fast enough?
August 20, 2011
I think a drink like this epitomizes summer. Fresh mint, flavorful blueberries, and icy cold tea. I haven’t always loved iced tea, but I’ve really been craving it this summer. Maybe it is these insanely warm days that we have been having.
August 19, 2011
he word “jal” means water and “jeera” means cumin. This is an exotic North Indian drink, which is very popular in Indian restaurants worldwide. This is a spicy drink and an appetizer, which is believed to not only cool the body (because of mint in them) in hot weather, but this aids in digestion (attributed to the cumin and rock salt) as well! It is a drink served in Indian get-togethers and cultural ceremonies.
August 18, 2011
Facts about Watermelon: 1. It’s in season right now, which means it is at it’s sweetest, juiciest, ripest, and cheapest! It is absolutely delicious. 2. It’s low in calories because it is mostly water, and it is wonderfully hydrating. 3. It is packed with vitamin C and lycopene, major antioxidants, and it also has a good amount of vitamin A, vitamin B, potassium, and magnesium.
August 17, 2011
Both Lori and I felt by having the jalapeno flavor in the smoothie really helped it be more savory. It was a little different at first but then we kept sipping on it. Lori struggled at first to get it down as she prefers sweet based smoothies. But did like the change.
August 17, 2011
One of the most succulent little jewels of summer is the blackberry. Sweet, tart, almost inky-black, these berries are intensely flavorful… and make the taste buds tingle. In my version of the iconic Cosmopolitan, fresh blackberry purée is spiked with orange bitters for a quintessentially summery cocktail.
August 15, 2011
The bacon and egg coupette comes from the Gastro Mixology section of their menu. The cocktail is a mix of Bourbon which is fat washed with smoked bacon, lemon, sugar and egg white. It sounds a little interesting, however really works. There’s a wonderful smokiness which the bacon brings to the drink, which is complimented by the slice of crispy bacon used as a garnish!
August 14, 2011
Watch this video to learn how to create your own edible centerpiece. Tips for advance preparation and keeping vegetables fresh overnight are also included.
August 13, 2011
Cantaloupe is variety of melon and more related to cucumber than water melon and its round shape with bumpy skin. Cantaloupe has sweet fragrant and orange flesh, its great for salad or cold drink.