Technique: Mincing


A cutting technique used to chop food into very fine pieces.

To mince, first, cut food into thin slices. If the food is thick, topple the slices over on its side and cut it into thin strips. Turn 90 degrees, cut fine dices across the strips.

Some chefs prefer to use two knives and perform drum rolls on the cutting board until the food has been chopped into small pieces.


Other names: Minced, Mince
Translations: Malšana, Mėsmalės, Mărunţel, Sjeckanje, Làm bộ ỏng ẹo, Mielenia mięsa, Hakken, नख़रेबाज़, Amaneirado, Жеманный, Άλεσμα, متدلل, 점잔 빼는, Afektovaný, Cincang, Nagkukunwari, 明辛, Afectat, Sekljanje mesa,, Afektovane, Macinazione, מצטעצע, Malning, Неприродан, ミンチ, Hachoirs, Wölfe, Hakning, Hakking, Afectado, Манірно, Jauhaminen, Префърцунен



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