Technique: Sugar Cooking


Simmer sugar and a small amount of water (if using) in a pot. Do not stir! If crystals begin to form on the side of the pot, wet a pastry brush with water and dab above the crystal so the water washes it back down into the pot.

The physical and chemical properties of sugar changes as it cooks to different temperatures Recipes often call for sugar to be cooked to a certain stage. Although there are visual cues to what stage the sugar is in, the most reliable method is to use a sugar thermometer.

Thread - 230 F
Soft Ball - 240 F
Firm Ball - 245 F
Hard Ball - 250-260 F
Small Crack - 265 -270 F
Crack - 275-280 F
Hard Crack 290-310 F
Caramel 320-340 F


Other names: Small Crack, Thread, Soft Ball, Hard Ball, Hard Crack, Caramel, Crack, Firm Ball
Translations: Cukura Cooking, Cukrus Kulinarija, Zahăr de gatire, Šećer Kuhanje, Nấu ăn đường, Gotowanie cukru, Sugar Koken, चीनी पाक कला, Açúcar Culinária, Сахар Кулинария, Ζάχαρη Μαγειρική, السكر الطبخ, 설탕 요리, Cukr Vaření, Gula Memasak, Sugar Pagluluto, 糖烹饪, El sucre de cuina, Sugar Kuhanje, Cukor Varenie, Zucchero di cucina, סוכר בישול, Socker Matlagning, Шећер Кување, シュガークッキング, Sucre de cuisine, Sukker Madlavning, El azúcar de cocina, Цукор Кулінарія, Sokeri Keittäminen, Захар готвене


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