Technique: Wrapping

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Wrapping means to enclose, envelope or enfold a food or ingredient/s completely. The like includes: "Bacon wrapped scallops", or sandwich fillings "wrapped in tortilla"


Other names: Wrap, Wrapped
Translations: Iesaiņošanas, Vyniojimas, Ambalaj, Pakiranje, Bao bì, Opakowanie, Omhulsel, रैपिंग, Invólucro, Упаковка, Τύλιγμα, غلاف, 포장, Obal, Pembungkus, Pambalot, 包装, Envàs, Zavijanje, Obal, Confezione, חתול, Inslagning, Паковање, ラッピング, Emballage, Verpackung, Indpakning, Innpakning, Envase, Упаковка, Kääriminen, Амбалаж



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