In celebration of Amanda Knox' acquittal and release from Italian Prison...

October 3, 2011

I was just thinking how lucky we are in the United States.  I don't usually create cocktails with political meanings, nor with overt situations that pretend to create anxiety or confusion.  As a journalist, my duty is to remain balanced in my writing, no matter what the circumstances.  At least until I read about the case of Amanda Knox.  In honor of her acquittal and her freedom, I thought to honor her with a cocktail. 

Part of this drink is bitter because of her incarceration for the past four years must have been bitter. 

Part of this drink is sweet because freedom is the sweetest flavor in the world.  These flavors- bitter and sweet combine with the aromatics of infused carrots and beets to make a cocktail that is both bitter and sweet. 

Amanda Knox has been through the worst kind of justice.  I just hope she can go forward in her life with the memory of the past and the promise of the future.

Hence, please accept my recipe for the Knox-Tail.  This drink makes two powerful drinks, or just one drink to help Amanda forget her past four years as a cautionary tale.

The Knox-Tail Cocktail

2 oz. Bluewater Vodka- Certified Organic by Colorado Department of Agricuture

1 oz Root- USDA Certified Organic Root Tea

Roasted and Crushed Beets and Carrots, then juiced through a juicer to render 1/2 cup of Carrot/Beet juice

2 Tablespoons of Royal Rose 3 Chilies Simple Syrup

1 medicine dropper full of Bitter End Moroccan Bitters

Preparation: In a cocktail shaker, fill 1/2 way with ice.

Add the liquors, followed by the juices and the Royal Rose Syrup

Shake until ice forms on the outside of the mixing cup

Add 1 Medicine Dropper of the Bitter End Moroccan Bitters

Strain into a short cocktail glass that you have added a couple of large hand-cut ice cubes.

This drink is a little bit spicy, a little bit sweet and like life itself, a little bit bitter. 

Hat's off to Amanda Knox.  May your life only bring you goodness from now on. 

Warren Bobrow






Amy Jeanroy's picture

Awesome! I also try to never become emotionally attached to news stories, but this one has bothered from since the beginning. I am SO glad that poor girl is on her way back home. 

I lift my glass in honor of Amanda Knox!

B Scott's picture

I lift a glass in honour of Meredith Kercher!! Unfortunately that poor girl will never be on her 'way back home'.

Sheri Wetherell's picture

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Kercher family as well.

Warren Bobrow's picture

Amy: I've read more into this piece and I must not forget the poor girl who will not be coming home. I'm sorry I didn't pay more attention to her story. To all who have left comments chastising me for my insensitivity, I hear you and offer my apologies.

As a side note, the prosecutor is on trial for fabrication of evidence in this case, it is this person who clearly is at fault here. Is justice blind? No. We can agree or choose to disagree.

This cocktail is a creative way to recognize and let off some steam. Things are not always as they seem in the media. Please, all who read this piece know that this is a sad case. I am not insensitive.
I receive all the comments and some of them are pretty harsh!

Amy Jeanroy's picture

Being relieved that Amanda is released from jail is not the same as saying that Meredith Kercher's life was not of value. Of course her family deserves sympathy and it is terribly sad that she was killed. 

The fact remains, that Amanda has been ruled not guilty and is on her way home. We should look away from that because someone else was charged with the crime, not her?I think not. 

Haters and trolls will always lurk online, especially when they can jump on board a popular topic like this one is at the moment. They are of no signifigance to the story. 

You made a creative and interesting beverage. Don't let ignorance and foolish words take away from that. 


Amy J

Warren Bobrow's picture

thank you Amy.

julie's picture

I lovely tribute to Amanda and her well -deserved return home - and yes it is bittersweet as Meredith will not be doing so - my heartfelt sympathies to the Kercher family and also I hope Amanda's future only holds good things