Technique: Loaf Shaping


The last step in the dough manipulation process to give it its final shape before baking. Proper shaping expels all gas bubbles from the dough so that there are no large air pockets in the baked product. For pan breads and hearth breads, the dough is usually shaped so that the seam is centered on the bottom to avoid splitting during the baking process.


Other names: Makeup, Shaping, Molding
Translations: Klaips veidošana, Kepalas formavimas, Oblikovanje štruca, Kształtowanie Loaf, आकार देने का कंद, Pão de Modelar, Формирование Loaf, Καρβέλι Διαμόρφωση, رغيف تشكيل, 로프 쉐이핑, Tvarování Loaf, Loaf Membentuk, Tinapay na nabubuo, 面包成型, Fer pa, Tvarovanie Loaf, Pagnotta Shaping, עיצוב כיכר, Векна Обликовање, パンシェーピング, Pain de Shaping, Loaf gestalten, Hacer pan, Формування Loaf, Leipä Shaping, Оформяне франзела



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