Technique: Separating


The yolk and white of the egg are separated from each other either by being passed from one half of the shell to the other and allowing the white to slide off the yolk, or by allowing the white to drip through the fingers while holding the yolk in the hand.


Other names: Separated, Separate
Translations: Atdala, Atskyrimas, Separarea, Odvajanje, Tách, Oddzielenie, Scheiden, अलग, Separar, Разделяющий, Διαχωριστική, فصل, 분리, Dělicí, Memisahkan, Pagkakahiwalay, 分离, Separació, Ločevanje, Deliaca, Separazione, הפרדת, Separera, Раздвајајући, 分離, Séparation, Trennung, Adskillelse, Utskilling, Separación, Розділяє, Erottaminen, Отделянето



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