Technique: Recipe Scaling


Scaling is used to alter the amount food prepared by adjusting the amount of each ingredient used so that the proportions stay constant.

To adjust the amount of each ingredient, multiply its quantity by the conversion factor. You can obtain the conversion factor by diving the desired serving(s) by the original serving(s).


Other names: Scaling, Scaled, Scale
Translations: Recipe mērogošanas, Receptai didinimas, Reţetă Scaling, Recept Skaliranje, Skalowanie przepis, Recept Schalen, नुस्खा स्केलिंग, Receita Scaling, Рецепт Масштабирование, Συνταγή Κλιμάκωση, وصفة تحجيم, 레시피 스케일링, Recept měřítka, Resep Scaling, 方缩放, Recepta d'escala, Krčenje Recipe, Recept mierky, Ricetta Scaling, מתכון Scaling, Recept Skalning, Рецепт Скалирање, レシピスケーリング, Recette mise à l'échelle, Rezept Scaling, Opskrift Skalering, Oppskrift Skalering, Receta de escala, Рецепт Масштабування, Resepti Skaalaus, Рецепта Попарвам



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