Technique: Drying


Removal of water from a food to preserve, change texture, and concentrate flavors. In many cases drying can be accelerated with the addition of salt, which extracts water molecules from the cells of fruits, vegetables, and meats.


Other names: Dry, Dried
Translations: Žāvēšana, Džiovinimo, Uscare, Sušenje, Sấy, Suszenia, Drogen, सुखाने, Secagem, Сушка, Ξήρανση, تجفيف, 건조, Sušení, Сушење, Pagpapatayo, 烘干, L'assecat, Sušenje, Sušenie, Essiccazione, יבוש, Torkning, Pengeringan, 乾燥, Séchage, Trocknen, Tørring, Tørking, El secado, Сушіння, Kuivaus, Сушенето



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