Technique: Topping

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A topping may refer to any flavorful addition to a dish, this is achieved by sprinkling or placing food/ ingredients on top of another.


Other names: Top, Topped
Translations: Papildināšanas, Įdaras, Creştet, Preljev, Cao sang, Doładowanie, टॉपिंग, Cobertura, Топпинг, Κορυφολόγημα, إضافات, 토핑, Poleva, Taburan, Sahog sa ibabaw, 托平, Encapçalant, Poleva, Guarnizione, תוספת, Toppning, Прелив, トッピング, Garniture, Belag, Encabezando, Топпінг, Keveiden, Топинг



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