Technique: Meringue Making


Sweetened, whipped egg whites often used for pie toppings and cake icings. There are three basic types of meringue:

Common Meringue (French Meringue) - The most basic meringue to make that calls for whipping sugar into egg whites.

Swiss Meringue - Whipping egg whites with sugar over a hot water bath. The heat gives the meringue more stability.

Italian Meringue - Whipping hot sugar into egg whites. The most stable meringue of the group.

Guidelines for Making Meringue:
1. Make sure equipment is grease-free.
2. Make sure egg whites are at room temperature for better foam.
3. Do not overbeat. Keep the mixture moist and shiny.
4. Add a small amount of acid to help foaming (ie. cream of tartar, lemon juice)


Other names: Whipped Egg Whites
Translations: Bezē Making, Meringue daryti, Efectuarea de bezea, Izrada kolač od bjelanaca, Làm bánh ngọt làm bằng lòng trắng trứng và đường, Beza Making, Meringue maken, Meringue बनाना, Fazendo merengue, Меренга внесении, Κάνοντας μαρέγκα, جعل مرنغ, 머랭이 만들기, Pusinky Tvorba, Membuat meringue, Ang pagsasagawa ng meringge, 酥皮制作, Fer merenga, Kolač od bjelanaca Making, Pusinky Tvorba, Fare meringa, מקצפת ביצוע, Maräng göra, Колач од бјеланаца Израда, メレンゲが作る, Faire Meringue, Marengs Making, Marengs Making, Hacer merengue, Меренга внесення, Marenki tekeminen, Осъществяване меренге



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