Technique: Roasting


A cooking method that uses dry heat to cook food, similar to baking. Foods that are roasted include meats and vegetables. The resulting food is usually tender and has a nice caramelized finish.

When roasting beef, you often start with the oven at a high temperature to sear the outside of the meat and then reduce the heat to cook it all the way through. That's one way to get the beautiful browning while keeping the center medium to medium-rare.


Other names: Roast, Roasted
Translations: Apdedzināšanas, Kepimas, Prăjire, Prženje, Sự quay thịt, Prażenie, Roosteren, बरस रही, Torrefação, Обжиг, Ψήσιμο, تحميص, 구이, Pražení, Пржење, Litson, 焙烧, Rostit, Praženje, Praženie, Torrefazione, קליה, Stekning, Pembakaran, 焙煎, Grillage, Braten, Ristning, Steking, Asado, Випал, Paahtamalla, Печене

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