Technique: Melting Butter In Microwave


Heating butter in a microwave instead of on a stove top. Remember to always cover the container that the butter is placed in as butter tends to explode in microwaves. Also remove the foil wrapping from butter or margarine sticks.

It takes approximately 20 seconds per tablespoon depending on microwave wattage.


Other names: Melted Butter, Melting Butter In Margarine
Translations: Kušanas Sviests mikroviļņu, Lydymosi sviesto Mikrobangų, Unt de topire În Cuptor cu microunde, Temperatura maslac u Mikrovalna pećnica, Bơ nóng chảy trong lò vi sóng, Topnienia masła w mikrofali, Boter smelten in de magnetron, माइक्रोवेव में मक्खन पिघलने, Derreter manteiga no microondas, Таяние масло в микроволновой, Τήξη Βούτυρο Σε Μικροκυμάτων, ذوبان الزبدة في الميكروويف, 전자렌지에 녹는 버터, Tavení máslo v mikrovlnné, Melting Butter Dalam Microwave, Natutunaw mantikilya Sa Microwave, 微波熔化黄油, Mantega de fusió de microones, Taljenje masla v mikrovalovni, Tavenie maslo v mikrovlnnej, Burro di fusione in forno a microonde, התכה חמאה במיקרוגל, Smältande smör i mikrovågsugn, Топи бутер у Микроталасна, 電子レンジで溶解バター, Beurre de fusion au micro-ondes, Melting Butter in der Mikrowelle, Smeltende smør i mikroovn, Smeltende smør i mikrobølgeovn, Mantequilla de fusión de microondas, Танення масло в мікрохвильовій, Sulaminen voita Mikroaaltouuni, Топене Масло в микровълнова


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Maria Boyer's picture

My niece taught me that if you are melting stick butter in a non-foil wrapper, you can slightly open the wrapper but leave it on when melting the butter in the microwave. The wrapper acts as a shield against splatter.