Technique: Crushing


Recipes abound that call for certain ingredients to be crushed. Crushing is the act of pounding or pressing an object into fragments, usually producing liquid in the process.

Many tools can be used to crush such as a masher and the palm of your hand, but for best results the food to be crushed should first be taken into account. For example crushed peas can be done with a masher, but for best results the peas should first be softened.

This technique is used to crush foods such as pineapple and potato.


Other names: Crush, Crushed
Translations: Drupināšanas, Susmulkinimas, Concasare, Porazan, Nghiền, Kruszenia, Breken, मुंहतोड़, Esmagador, Сокрушительный, Σύνθλιψη, الساحق, 눌러 터뜨리는, Zdrcující, Penumpasan, Pagdurog, 破碎, Aclaparadora, Drobljenje, Zdrvujúcu, Frantumazione, מוחץ, Krossning, Тежак, 粉砕, Écrasement, Knusning, Knusing, Aplastante, Нищівного, Murskaimet, Смачкване



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