Technique: Sprouting


Sprouting is the practice of soaking, draining and rinsing seeds to encourage them to grow. The germinating seed produces sprouts or young buds that can later be transplanted.

Many seeds can be sprouted, Mung beans, alfalfa seeds, peas, garbanzos. Sprouts from mung beans, once they have developed short shoots are ready to eat.


Other names: Sprout, Sprouted
Translations: Diedzētām, Kopūstas, Germinare, Klijanja, Giá đỗ, Kiełkowanie, Kiemen, अंकुरण, Brotação, Проращивание, Βλάστησης, نماء, 돋아, Klíčení, 发芽, Brotació, Brstenje, Klíčenia, Cavolo, הנבטה, Groning, Клијања, 萌芽, Pousse, Spiring, Spirende, Brotación, Пророщування, Itämistä, Покълнал



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