Technique: Pureeing


Pureeing is the method used to make a pulp out of food by mashing and/or straining it. Alternatively food can also be pureed using a blender.

Foods such as peas, beans, vegetables, potatoes and squash are well suited to this cooking technique. The food is usually softened by boiling prior to pureeing.

Pureeing is a popular method used to prepare baby food.


Other names: Pureed, Puree
Translations: Pasiranje, Šľahanie, Réduire en purée, Pasare, Pürieren, Šlehání, Nghiền nhừ cac thức, Ucierania, Averli passati al setaccio, Pureren, Mosing, Пюре, Fer puré, Пюре, Mosa, Purere, Пасирање, Hacer puré, Пюриране



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