Technique: Salting


Salting is the preparation of food with edible salt for conservation or taste. Salting for taste is typically used to enhance the flavor of what you are making. There are many different kinds of salts available depending on the type of flavor you would like in your food. (i.e. sea salt, kosher salt, table salt, rock salt, etc.)

Salting as a food preservation technique has been practiced for centuries. The salt draws out the moisture in the food making it impossible for bacteria to thrive in it.


Other names: Salt, Salted
Translations: Sālīšana, Sūdymas, Sărare, Usoljavanje, Có chất mặn, Solenie, Zouten, रेह, Salga, Соление, Αλάτισμα, التمليح, 바닷물이 드나드는 늪지, Solení, Hal mengasinkan, Pagbuburo, 盐, Salaó, Soljenje, Solenie, La salatura, המלחה, Saltning, Усољавање, 塩, Salaison, Salzen, Saltning, Salazón, Соління, Suolaus, Осоляване



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