Technique: Shelling


Shelling is the removal of food such as peas and nuts from their outer inedible shell or casing. In the case of nuts, the outer shell is usually hard and must be cracked with a blunt instrument. The outer pod of peas can be torn or twisted open to remove the peas.


Other names: Shell, Shelled
Translations: Lobīšana, Gliaudymui, Decojirea, Granatiranja, Sự lột vỏ, Łuskanie, Schillen, गोलंदाज़ी, Bombardeamento, Артиллерийский обстрел, Του κελύφους, قصف, 포격, Ostřelování, Гранатирања, Paghihimay, 炮击, Bombardeig, Luščenje, Ostreľovanie, Bombardamento, הפגזה, Skalning, Serangan, シェリング, Bombardement, Beschuss, Beskydningen, Beskytningen, Bombardeo, Артилерійський обстріл, Kranaattituli, Бомбардиране




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Shelling can also be the act of picking up seashells, shells or beach treasures.