Technique: Folding


A technique of incorporating one ingredient into another with minimal disturbance. Commonly called for when mixing ingredients into whipped egg whites to preserve its delicate aeration.

To fold, take a big spatula or a rounded dough scrapper and combine the ingredients with broad, gentle strokes. Continue until all the ingredients are evenly blended, and no longer.


Other names: Fold, Folded
Translations: Saliekamais, Pliere, Składany, Vouwen, तह, Dobradura, Складной, Πτυσσόμενα, للطي, 접는, Skládací, Lipat, Byakis, 折页, Plegable, Skladacie, Pieghevole, מתקפל, Fällbart, На склапање, 折りたたみ, Pliant, Plegable, Складаний, Сгъване



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