Technique: Washes


Washes are liquid mixtures that are applied to yeast products to give them their final look and texture.

The most common washes are:
1. Water - used predominantly in hard crusted products (ie. French bread)
2. Starch paste - primarily used for rye breads. The starch paste gives it shine and keeps the crust from drying out too quickly.
3. Egg wash - used for soft, shiny brown crusts such as rolls and rich doughs.


Translations: Mazgāšana, Plovyklos, Spălătorii, Pere, Rửa, Myje, Wast, Vasker, Lava, Стирает, Πλύσεις, يغسل, 씻는다, Myje, Пере, 洗涤, Es renta les, Pomivanj, Umýva, Lava, שוטף, Tvättar, Mencuci, 洗浄, Lavage, Waschanlagen, Vasker, Se lava las, Пере, Pesee, Мие



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