Technique: Chopping


Chopping is a word that describes the action of cutting something into smaller pieces. One of the most common knife skills.

A "rough" chop is a culinary term that explains to the cook that the appearance of the chopped food isn't an important part of the recipe, whereas if the recipe were to request a precise cut, such as large dice, or "chop into a small dice," it means that the size of the food chopped into equal cubes is important for the outcome of the recipe. 


Other names: Chop, Rough Chop
Translations: Kapāšanas, Kirtimas, Voinic, Cjepkanje, Đang chặt, Rozdrabniania, Hakken, चटकना, Рубящий, Τεμαχισμός, تقطيع, 벌목한 공지, Sekání, Memotong, Matangkad at malusog, 削球, Picar, Sekanje, Kosenie, Tagliere, חטיבה, Hackning, Сецкање, チョッピング, À découper, Hacken, Hakning, Hakking, Picar, Рубаючий, Leikkuulauta, Кълцане

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