Technique: Toasting


Dry heating a food, typically a starch, until it turns brown and sugars caramelize. The most common item to toast is sliced bread, but it can also be done to nuts and seeds. Toasting brings out flavors and adds crunch to foods.

A toast can also refer to a celebratory drink, often including a speech or phrase, such as "cheers."


Translations: Skrudinimui, Prăjire, Nướng, Opiekania, Roosteren, Rister, Brindando, Φρυγανίσματος, شرب نخب, 홀짝, Opékání, Тоастинг, 敬酒, Torrat, Opekania, Tostatura, קליה, Rosta, Penggorengan, トースト, Grillage, Toasten, Ristningen, Tostado, Paahtaminen, Изпичане


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