Technique: Scoring


Scoring is a method of making shallow cuts in a food. This is typically done to allow for expansion during cooking, release melting fat and juices, or to permit flavors from sauces and other foods to penetrate. In bread making, dough is often scored with a lame or a razor blade before baking to allow expansion. Cutting patterns are often used for decorative purposes as well.


Other names: Scored, Score
Translations: Skoringa, Βαθμολόγηση, Balai, سجل, Pisteytyksen, Punctajul, Bodovanje, Ghi bàn, Punktacja, Скоринг, 채점, 得点, स्कोरिंग, ניקוד, Скоринг, Puntaje, 评分, Točkovanje, Бодовање, Puntuació, Точки



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