Slow Cooker Cranberry Sauce


36 oz fresh cranberries
2 apples, peeled and diced (I used Rome)
zest & juice of 1 orange
2 cups sugar
1 3/4 cups water
1-2 sprigs rosemary
2 Tbsp salt


Add all the ingredients into the slow cooker, stir to combine.
Set to low for 4 hours. At the end of the 4 hours remove the sprigs of rosemary and blend with a hand blender to the consistency of your preference. I went pretty smooth for mine. Taste for salt, pepper and sugar too... you can adjust as needed to your liking.


Preparing a full Thanksgiving meal can sometimes be overwhelming so make a few things easier on yourself. Grab that slow cooker and put it to use, yup even on the holidays! This cranberry sauce can be made a few days ahead of time and then reheated before serving on the big day.

A little bit tart, a little bit sweet and a whole lot better then the canned version. There are nice subtle hints from the rosemary sprigs and orange zest that infuse the sauce while slow cooking. This is a decent sized batch and can be frozen and saved for a later date.


Monday, November 18, 2013 - 7:42pm


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