Priyaa's No Churn Mango Ice Cream


Fresh Cream Type I (I used Nilgiris Fresh Cream with 36g of Fat) 500 ml
Fresh Cream Type II ( Amul's Fresh with 25g of fat) 250 ml
Icing sugar - 2 cups
Mango Syrup / Thick Mango juice - 1 cup
Fresh mango - 1 no
Lime - 1 tbsp (optional)
Butterscotch balls - Fistful


With the key ingredients, first I pour in the fresh creams of two types . Here the fat content is very important to get the text of the ice cream.
Mix Well.
Cut the mangoes into small pieces. It is a bliss to find pieces of mangoes while tasting this ice cream.
Add two cups of finely powdered sugar (icing sugar) into the cream mixture. Blend the cream mixture to get a consistency of a melted ice cream.
Add the mango pieces and mix them gently.
I added a tbsp of lime juice for taste enhancing but it is optional.
I added a handful of butterscotch balls to the cream. Mix well
Pour in the mixture into an air tight container. While pouring make sure the mixture get folded as shown below providing space for air bubbles.
Close the container and ensure it is air tight. Refrigerate for 10 hours (I usually make ice cream at night and refrigerate all night).
After such long time, u need to keep it outside for two minutes before serving. Serve it with chocolate syrup or with Gulab Jamun.
Yummy Mango Ice cream ready.


Summer in India is unimaginable. This made me spend most time in air-conditioned rooms esp at work. My nerves for making ice cream turned out to be a great success in my family. I can now make any type of ice cream at home thereby avoiding the harmful preservatives and synthetic flavors in usual packed ice cream.

Mangoes make big market in summer. I love mangoes. So I tried my hand on making Mango Ice cream.

I adapted the recipe of Bing with slight modifications. This softie doesn't require a churn and it is totally free of eggs. Let me list out the key ingredients for making this ice cream.

Other Names:

Mango Ice Cream , Mango Delight




Thursday, June 28, 2012 - 9:31pm


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