According to some, a locavore* ONLY eats food that's been grown or raised within 100 (or 250) miles of home. In the Northeast US that would mean the end to coffee, chocolate, tropical fruit and no fruits or green vegetables in winter (you get the picture). A "Light Hearted Locavore" has it all! A "flexible" eater who buys as much locally grown vegetables and fruit, local cheese, bread, meats, chicken and fish as possible, and even cans and freezes foods to eat out of season, but just isn't willing to go crazy (or experience hunger or be deprived of delicious foods) to eat 100% local all the time. All locavores, and especially this "Light Hearted Locavore" care deeply about sustainability, are adventurous culinaries, support small farms, shop at farmers markets, engage in food politics, subscribe to a community supported agriculture farm and care deeply about nutrition and health for all.

* Oxford American Dictionary's word of the year 2007