Beef Brisket


Beef Brisket is a cut of beef taken from the breast section beneath the first five ribs, behind the foreshank.

Beef Brisket is one of the least tender cuts of beef that requires moist heat and long slow cooking to break down the connective tissue.

Beef Brisket is often sold as a flat cut or point cut, and is often the cut of beef used to make Corned Beef and Beef Pastrami.


Translations: Liellopu krūšdaļas, Jautienos krūtininė, Piept, piept de vită, Govedina Prsa, Ức kéo thịt bò, Wołowina szponder, Beef borstkas, बीफ़ पशु की छाती, Carne do peito, Говядина грудинка, Βοείου κρέατος Πέτο, لحوم البقر صدر الحيوان, 쇠고기 가슴살, Hovězí Hrudní koš, Daging Sapi Sandung lamur, Karne ng baka liyempo, 牛腩, El pit de res, Goveje meso prsa, Hovädzie Hrudný kôš, Petto di manzo, בקר וחזה, Nötkött bringa, Говеђа Груди, 牛肉ブリスケット, Poitrine de boeuf, Rinderbrust, Oksekød Underbrystet, Beef brystkasse, El pecho de res, Яловичина грудинка, Naudanliha Rintakehä, Говеждо Гърдите



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